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Would you survive?

I love a good map mash-up, and this one takes the mash quite literally… demonstrating how of your city would be destoryed by a nuclear explosion:



– Search for your city
– select your weapon from the dropdown
– nuke it

And when you’ve tired of Little Boy and Fat Man, the Asteroid Impact rounds it all off in suitably apocalyptic fashion


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Danish museum launches social souvenirs

Ever had the terrible experience of turning up at an event to discover that someone else is wearing the same T-shirt as you?

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde, Denmark offers one answer…

They’ve launched a “social souvenir” in the form of limited edition T-shirts. When you buy one, you provide your name address, allowing museum staff to map your T-shirt on google maps.

Ultimately the shirt rack will be empty, and the google map will be filled with little T-shirt tags across the world.

And you’ll know where not to wear your limited edition souvenir.

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