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Witness tweets shark attack as it happens

Just been watching an unbelievable Twitter stream from @skabenga – an eyewitness account of a shark attack at Fish Hoek, a beach town near Cape Town.

Gripping, frightening, visceral stuff. Here’s a snapshot:

Holy shit, we just saw a GIGANTIC shark eat what looked like a person right in front of our house in fishhoek. Unbelievable.

skabenga   Jan 12   1:40 pm

Emergency services just arrived. It must have been a person. The shark breached it’s head out the water no remains http://yfrog.com/1dronnpj

skabenga   Jan 12   1:44 pm

We are dumbstruck, that was so surreal. That shark was HUGE. Like dinosaur huge. #sharkattack #fishhoek

skabenga   Jan 12   1:47 pm

Helicopters are out and looking for any trace of the remains. Shark headed off Clovelly way #fishoek #sharkattack

skabenga   Jan 12   2:06 pm

Emergency boats also out crisscrossing the area. We have seen sharks in the bay before but that one was enormous. #fishoek #sharkattack

skabenga   Jan 12   2:11 pm

@igitur At first it could have been a seal pup but then the object it pulled under had some color visible before it disappeared

skabenga   Jan 12   2:19 pm

RT: @joyanne: spoke to allan from whale watchers-he said they’ve found half a body and the person was swimming off the catwalk

skabenga   Jan 12   2:41 pm


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