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Social commerce and the benefits of consumer insight

Really nice little video here on social commerce, and the benefits to consumers and manufacturers.

Via Digital Buzz

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Mobile Facebook and Twitter usage rockets

New figures out from comscore today confirm what most of us already knew – smartphone usage is growing, and that in turn is driving users away from PC internet, and onto the mobile web.

That said, the rate of growth really is quite something…

The survey found that over 30 percent of smartphone users accessed social networking sites via their mobile browser last month – that’s up by almost a third on the same period last year.

This comes on the back of Facebook’s announcement last year that 100m of their 400m users regularly access the site via their mobile phones.

It stands to reason that social media should be driving mobile internet usage, since they are all about communicating and connecting with friends – a utility already engrained in mobile use.

What’s going to be interesting is to see how much those services start to ramp up their offering in location-based services – utilising the unique strengths of mobile over PC.


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Google takes Facebook battle to mobile

Google’s newly announced challenger to Facebook, Google Buzz looks pretty similar to the blue giant of social networking.

You can see status updates, watch videos inline, get notifications in your inbox and more. So far so derivative.

But two things might just encourage people to switch:

1. It can incorporate feeds from external applications – such as Twitter, Picasa and Flickr

2. Google Buzz for mobile has some very cool location-based features – the ability to tag an update to a location, The ability for your followers to quickly see that on a map. And the ability to see other updates near you current location all look great. Check out the demo video below:

Will it encourage the a sizeable percentage of Facebook’s 400m subscribers to switch? Time will tell.

Perhaps Google Buzz needs to allow users to see their friends Facebook updates…

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